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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protects kids & relieves parents.

Children use screens on a regular basis now more than ever due to virtual learning. An accurate protection is essential for their eyes and health. With our Blue Light Blocking Glasses your little one will not absorb the harmful blue light rays.


👁️ Blocks Harmful Blue Light -Reduces the negative health effects that are caused by prolonged screen use. Say goodbye to blue light and hello to healthier eyes!

✔️ Immediate Results - Helps alleviate headaches, visual fatigue, red eyes and blurred vision. Notice instant differences on the first use!

💤 Peaceful Nights -Promotes a healthier sleep cycle. Watch your little one fall asleep faster and have a well rested night!

👓 Optimized Comfort - Non-prescription glasses that are lightweight and comfortable. The frame is super flexible and durable for your little one to play in!

  Stylish - The ultimate accessory for your little one, it's colorful, fun and very trendy!

📏 One Size - Fits kids ages 3-13


What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the light spectrum that contains a very short wavelength. It produces high amount of energy that causes wide ranging effects, especially for kids. Their maturing eyes have not yet developed the protective pigments to help filter out some of the damaging light.

Too much screen time can put strain on the eyes and may be linked to blurred vision, dry eye and headaches. It can also lead to interrupted sleep by suppressing the release of melatonin (the hormone that tells us when it’s time to sleep). 



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