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GemsGalore™️ Wobbler


"Such beautiful craftsmanship and my children LOVE it for different reasons! It can be used as a balance board, a seat, a slide, a bridge, a ship, a tunnel, a cradle, or a puppet theatre..the list is endless. It's also a great tool for helping the kids develop balance, core strength, and motor planning skills. This is one of the best gifts you could give a child and the quality is exceptional! Would highly recommend to everyone! Kids and adults!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Nancy A 
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Our Wobbler is a beautiful balance board which enhances body awareness in a playful way; and stimulates creativity, balance and strength. Designed for kids ages 3 years and older, but do not hesitate to use its multi-functionality for your younger ones or yourself. It’s a simple, modern, and eco-friendly toy made from high quality wood. It will help with body-control, motor function, stability, concentration, cognitive skills, and the rocking back & forth movement of Wobbler calms down and puts your little ones to sleep. Relax, swing and experience joy and adventure with our Wobbler! 



✅ UNLIMITED WAYS TO PLAY: The Wobbler is whatever you imagine it to be - a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet theater, a small football goal, a teeter popper, a tunnel and many more. It will bring a lot of fun and freedom.


ENHANCE DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS: It stimulates the vestibular system, which is of great importance for general development and learning. It supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture and develops the sense of balance and coordination. 

✅ ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made from high-quality natural wood. The wood has a unique coloring, texture, grain, and mineral patterns in the outer layer, which makes each board one of a kind. The surface and 4 edges of the board are carefully polished to assure the angles are smooth to protect kids. Safe for your child to play with or practice on.

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BOTH FOR KIDS & ADULTS:The Wobbler is a wooden toy that grows with the child as he/she gets older and is also suitable for adults. Adult or teens can use it to get fit, stretch their back in yoga exercises, train balance or just because it's fun. It's possible to do a wide range of exercises on the wooden board.

✅ HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY: Built from durable and sturdy wood which makes the board more stable. It can safely hold up to 220 lbs of weight giving you the opportunity to play with your little one simultaneously. You can join the fun too!



Regular physical activity can help children improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions. Knowing this, the Wobbler was built to help children stay active throughout the day and to enhance their developmental skills. This board is the perfect gift for children of all ages; small babies, toddlers and teenagers can all have a share in the endless fun. 

Safety Precautions: While using this product, please make sure children would be supervised. For safety reasons, buyer should use the balance board on carpet or lawn to increase the friction between product and ground.

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We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee because we believe in the quality of our products! No questions asked! When you purchase from us there is ZERO risk involved for you! 

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