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100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" Necklace

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A great concept to say I love you. This unique Love pendant will map out and project the nano-engraved “I Love You’s” on the love stone, when illuminated or seen through a camera! It will surely delight your lover and leave no doubt of your love not just in one but in 100 different languages! Please Note: the pendant was made to be seen through a phone camera upright. When projected on a wall using a flashlight, it will mirror the I Love You's. 

How to see the nano sculpture on the necklace?
1. Use the camera on your phone, align the pendant micro-carved convex surface with the camera, and watch the micro-carving content on the phone screen.

2. Use the flashlight, align the pendant micro-carving plane with the flashlight and see the the nano-engraved "I Love You's". Better to project the sculpture on a black background for precision.

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