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Hanging Monkey Tissue Holder

Cute hanging monkey style that is practical to fit for both roll and square paper. With those monkey long arms, you can hang this funny monkey tissue holder at anywhere, like your bathroom, living room or in the car. The palm of the monkey tissue holder is fitted with a buckle that can be hung from the back of the chair, on the armrest or on the wall, save space. It can also be used as a throw pillow. You can put the paper box in this monkey belly, and then get the tissue out at its butt! Scope of Application-The monkey tissue holder can be put in the car, home, office, restaurant, hotel rooms, and so on where you can hang it everywhere. In Super soft plush-Hand crafted with faultless sewing, use this well-made monkey tissue holder offer you the next living level. Grab the tissue from Monkey Pippi's butt, that will be a funny and great gift for your friends. The super cute monkey tissue holder is suitable with the tissue or together with the tissue box that makes it portable and convenient to use. It is quite a lot of fun to put this plush hanging monkey tissue holder on the table or in your car. Let the lovely design enlivens your car, home, and office decor! Say goodbye to the mediocre tissue holder with our cute and high-quality cartoon style monkey tissue holder.