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True Lovers Box

Looking to be someone's sweetheart just because? Maybe one of life's little moments is just worth this awesome celebration? No matter what, this love-box is going to do the trick! When the box is opened by your special someone, it will explode (literally) with all the love you put into it. The Center console at the very end is the perfect spot to surprise your loved one with yet another gift, maybe some chocolates or maybe a ring to surprise your loved one for their anniversary? We've had countless customers surprise their loved one for their special day, what's stopping you? If you have a bunch of meaningful photos shared between the two of you or something you both love, the Love Box is beautifully decorated and ready to display all of your memories in a truly fantastic way. This is a very special way to say "I Love You." It is the perfect gift for Valentines, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Graduations, weddings, birthdays or simply... because.